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Outdoor parking lots are constructed of an asphalt pavement blend of sand, gravel, and glue. Being outdoors, asphalt pavement takes a beating because it is exposed to sun, rain, extreme temperatures, gas and oil spills, and heavy traffic. Over time, it loses its color, it cracks, it hardens, and will need everything from crack filler to resurfacing to keep it looking nice. Sealcoat Specialties, LLC offers parking lot maintenance in Vancouver, WA.

As your parking lot shows signs of wear and distress, we have all the equipment and knowledge to repair and restore it to a better state of appearance and functionality. Keeping your parking lot looking good and safe at all times will say a lot about you and your business and enhance your property image.

From patching small cracks to replacing large chunks of deteriorating asphalt with grinding, grading, and saw cutting, our crew will maintain your parking lot year round. Parking lot maintenance is more than a one-time thing. It should be an ongoing process from day one and for years to follow in order to prevent costly repairs. Our parking lot maintenance includes:

• Sealcoating—Sealcoating on brand new asphalt is the truest form of protection. However, sealcoating anytime during the life of asphalt will prolong its life.

• Crack Sealing—Crack sealing is a great way to keep water from settling in and causing erosion.

• Patching—We can do patching quickly and efficiently.

Along with maintaining the integrity of the asphalt surface, property parking lot maintenance also includes sweeping and painting, as well as keeping numbers, letters, and directional signage such as arrows and words like “stop,” “no parking,” “reserved,” and “handicap parking” painted. Paint lines and striping all needs to be visible to drivers for easy parking

To keep your parking surface in good condition and all your painted directional signage and parking stall identification visible to your employees and visitors, schedule regular parking lot maintenance.

Trust Sealcoat Specialties, LLC in Vancouver, WA with all your asphalt parking lot repair and maintenance.

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